Price Quote – Resume Writing Cost

Did you ever wonder about the cost of resume writing services? Does the resume service cost seem exorbitant to you? One of the questions we often receive focuses on the cost of resume writing. A resume’s price (and other documents) is calculated based on the time it takes to produce an effective, customized, and quality-focused marketing tool.

Our company’s mission is to present clients with unique documents that market their experience, skills, accomplishments, and value. Strategizing and composing a quality document that matches client strengths and contributions to employers’ needs is a time-consuming process. Every document we create goes through an intensive assessment and writing process that includes a two hour interview to elicit personal strengths, value, and achievements; research on relevant professions and industries to determine current keywords and trends; in-depth analysis of personal information and documents; and composition, revision, editing, and formatting of document(s). As you think about the resume service cost, ask yourself this question – What will the cost of not having a professionally written resume be for you?

"I just read this and am amazed. I am impressed by how well you retooled my resume to truly highlight my experience and accomplishments…now I'm enjoying this feeling of relief and excitement. I know this resume will get results. It's a great confidence booster!"

Sheila T./Human Resources Executive

Cost of Resume Writing

A professional resume is an investment that keeps on giving. Amazing Resumes specializes in creating strategic documents that provide clients with a competitive edge. Your document is designed to capture and promote your Unique Value Proposition. Focusing on experiences, skills, and accomplishments, we compose professional documents that develop and communicate a client’s professional value and brand, address strategic business needs, and deliver a positive Return-on-Investment.

Resume writing fees are based on individual requirements and career history. A final fee will be quoted before work begins on your document.

Entry / New Graduate resume (0-2 years) – your investment is $500

Transition / New Career resume – your investment ranges from $800-$1,000

Mid-Management resume package – your investment ranges from $800-$1,000

Executive and Senior Level resume package – your investment ranges from $900-1,100

All resume packages (excluding Entry or New Graduate) include the following benefits:

  • Up to two- hour phone interview
  • One reusable cover letter
  • Resume in Word 2003 or 2010, PDF, and ASCII formats
  • Two sets of revisions

To receive a customized price quotation, please contact us or call Debbie at
(410) 653-7679.

Additional Professional Document and Service Fees

Service Fee Service Fee
Networking Resume TBD Biography $400
Resume Critique $74.95 LinkedIn Profile $400-$600
Resume Distribution TBD Elevator Speech $150
Cover Letter $175 Project Summary $200-$300
Thank You Letter $100 Business / Networking Cards TBD
References $150  1-hr resume critique  $99


Personalized career coaching services are designed to expand your career options and deliver significant results. Providing guidance through the process of career exploration, career transition, career advancement, or career growth will enable the client to...

  • Explore, research, and build new career opportunities
  • Define and clarify achievable visions and goals
  • Improve career performance and productivity
  • Build and market your personal career brand

Using authentic career assessments to identify skills, interests, values, personality, and strengths, coaching assists clients to explore, evaluate or strengthen existing or new opportunities.

The agenda for coaching sessions is set by the client based on their needs. The fee for one 60 minute session is $90. Discounts are available for purchase of multiple sessions.

"Thank you…I felt very prepared and I was able to go into the interview with confidence. To my own surprise, I was able to weave my experience into answers and conversations. It was pretty cool!"

Jenny L./Fundraiser


As an added benefit to our clients, we offer reasonably priced on-line webinars. Each webinar is approximately one hour in length and includes a Question and Answer session. Every participant receives useful handouts, worksheets and copies of the PowerPoint slides.

  • Job Search Smarter – Not Harder
  • Interview for Success

We are currently presenting these webinars on a limited basis. For additional information or to sign up for the next webinar(s), please contact us or call (410) 653-7679.

“Caren, thank you for the webinar. The presenter was amazing and really knew her material. I can’t wait to attend the next one.”

Sally M./V.P. of Human Resources


Amazing Resumes & Coaching Services offers companies outplacement services that include resume writing, interviewing, job search, and personal branding workshops and one-on-one career coaching sessions and career transition services. 

Outplacement Services

Downsizing staff is a demoralizing and potentially destructive situation. Whether you are downsizing one person or 100, your company needs a customized outplacement service plan that meets your company and employee needs. Providing quality outplacement services is one way to recognize your employees’ value, contributions, and loyalty while maintaining positive morale with your remaining staff.

Research shows that companies who provide downsized employees with outplacement and career transition services...

  • Spend less money on expensive and time-consuming litigation
  • Experience less sabotage or theft due to angry feelings
  • Are able to retain a positive brand image in a negative situation
  • Have less trouble recruiting talent when the economy or company situation improves

Service Offerings

Amazing Resumes and Coaching Services is proud to offer interactive workshops and webinars for the adult learner. Our trainers are experienced coaches who are highly sensitive to participants’ circumstances. Each training session presents valuable and useful information that accelerates and advances employee(s) career options. Every workshop and webinar includes training materials containing practical worksheets and tips to educate and guide the participants.

Whether our clients are C-Level executives, mid-managers, or entry-level personnel, Amazing Resumes and Coaching Services has the personnel and programs to structure and support smooth and successful transitions. Your employees will have the opportunity to participate in group or individual coaching sessions, depending on which customized program you choose. Integrating the latest technology in e-learning, we offer online webinars for: resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, career exploration, career transition, salary negotiations, networking, and brand building.

We understand that each company and their employees have unique expectations and needs. Amazing Resumes and Coaching Services will be happy to provide you with a customized package and price quotation to meet your budget and career service deliverables. To learn more about our services and to receive a personalized price quotation, please contact us or Debbie at (410) 653-7679.

"Thanks to Debbie Shalom’s information and teaching skills I was able to turn my rambling resume into a powerful document that reflected my achievements and skills. With Debbie's guidance and advice I was able to interview with confidence and land a great job at a Healthcare company a week before Christmas! She's always cheerful and has a motivating attitude that made me look forward to our weekly meetings. I would refer Debbie Shalom to anyone who's looking to brighten up their resume or strengthening their interview skills. With her teachings I was able to restore my confidence and recognize my worth.Thanks again Debbie, I'm truly grateful for all your help!!!"

Samantha M. / Administrative Assistant

Hello Debbie,
Just an FYI. I went on my second interview yesterday and it was a success! I have a job now! I just wanted to let you know. You can take me off your list. Like I said at your office, anyone that I know needs a job will definitely get recommended to you.

Mike T./IT Professional